About Us

Owning and managing Salt Paradise on a daily basis is an absolute pleasure. It was inspired out of witnessing a loved one benefit so much from having salt therapy in Europe from an otherwise terminal illness. We feel incredibly fortunate to have created Salt Paradise. It is a very special place and the people it attracts never cease to amaze and touch me deeply. Salt Paradise’s goals are to enhance our clients’ quality of life in the same way: address specific health concerns and/or enhance performance in sports and/or increase overall sense of well-being.
~Joe Irving~


We have a variety of items for sale in our spa - ranging from all natural body care products specially formulated for a variety of skin conditions to Danish iodized salt and salt lamps. 
We are proud to carry two carefully sourced distinctive natural skin care lines. Both of these companies offer proven products that cater to those with skin sensitivities.
Lavigne Natural Skincare and Yukon based micro-producer Berry Blue Toes Apothecary ~ The Natural Yukon Body Care Co.