Himalayan Salt Cabin

Our new Himalayan salt cabin is the ultramodern and stylish reincarnation of the traditional salt cave. It is much more than a unique structure, it forms a combination of oxygen, salt mist, infrared and negative ions, that will give a large boost to your well-being and detox process. You will discover the healing chemistry of the ocean, the positive characteristic's of fresh mountain air and the negative iron effects of a waterfall. The generated micro-fine aerosol particles penetrate deep into the respiratory track, activating the self cleaning of the airways. It is not a stretch to refer to it as the 21st-century fountain of youth.

If you are experiencing anything ranging from allergies, headaches, migraines, stress, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramps, eczema, psoriasis, poor memory and concentration. In addition dramatically increasing oxygenation of tissues and cells

Himalayan Salt Bed – Weight-loss/pain relief/detox and cleanse

As you relax on our salt bed, your body is actually working hard to eliminate toxins and burn fat. Weight loss becomes possible because body fat becomes water soluble at 45°C and the body will sweat out fats, toxins, and heavy metals. During hot salt treatment your heart works harder pumping blood at a greater rate to boost circulation, supplying the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise without breathing in hot air. In addition hot salt therapy has been found to significantly reduce muscular pain, reducing inflammation, alleviating aches, all while detoxing from the effects of the harsh environment. No other appliance or apparatus can provide this multitude of natural healing power.